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My story starts back when I was growing up, my father was a contractor and built single family custom homes.  He was also an entrepreneur and involved in many non-traditional business ventures.  I never really knew what he did or understood what he was doing, all I knew is that he always figured out a way to keep our needs covered.  It was very intriguing to watch.  

Fast forward through college, where at the University of Utah I played football and was fortunate to be invited to the NFL Combines where I ended up being ranked 2nd in the country for TE’s.  I ran a 4.61 40 yard dash, had a standing broad jump of 121″  and a vertical jump of 34″.  I benched 225 lb. 22 or 23 times and was able to run the agility drills quickly, catch most all the balls that were thrown at me and finish strong.   

The result of the above set me up for what happened next…



Drafted 126 over all to the LA Raiders

Much to my surprise and by God’s grace the Raiders, who had just won the Super Bowl, drafted me as their 3rd pick in the 5th round.  I ended up becoming the starting TE and being voted by my peers as Special Teams Captain.


Started to flip and build homes in the off season.

In the off-season and in between workouts, I started flipping and building spec homes over the next 7 years of my NFL career. “


Got married and started a family and a very short movie career.

“I married the love of my life and in 1987 my first of three children were born.  Also, living in LA I was able to start an illustrious acting career.  My claim to fame is the Raider movie trailer with the infamous line: “…aren’t we!”


Retired from football and started to build a number of health clubs.

“I retired from the NFL and started to utilize my construction experience to build my first health club.  During the past 16 years I operated this venture and learned a lot about sales & marketing and how to mature and grow a business.  In 2000, I built a 20,000 sf club with a myriad of services and thousands of members.” 


Started to work at an affordable housing non-profit.

“While I owned the health club, I became the VP of an affordable housing non-profit and learned a lot about multi-family affordable housing and closed some key partners that helped grow the non-profit.”



Positioning for the next venture and coached high school sports.

“In 2007 I ended up selling the health club and continued working with the affordable housing non-profit and started coaching high school football.”


Bought a custom home as an approved short sale investment.

“One of my favorite things to do was to look at and tour homes for sale.  I was fortunate to find and purchase an approved short sale after the 2008 market crash.”


Partnered with a National Flipping company.

“I was approached by a national flipping company and ended up partnering to do “First Look” renovations on many single family homes.”  I also started doing some developments projects in Hawaii and continue to this day putting together these projects on Oahu and the Big Island.  


Non-profit partnered with a national flipper and rehabed a number of homes.

“I became the president of the affordable housing non-profit and thought it would be wise to obtain my brokers license.  I started selling homes under a brokerage and realized the home selling process was flawed and built some software to fix the problem and this was the beginning of my real estate tech company.”


Non-profit partnered with a national flipper and rehabed a number of homes.

“I continued to test out the software and developed a very effective system to sell homes for the true highest and best price in the shortest period of time.  I then started a small boutique residential real estate brokerage and continued to develop the real estate tech company.  I ended up partnering with a local brokerage and helped it become a national brokerage and soon to be a national publicly traded brokerage.  I worked inside this brokerage as their Business Support Director for about 3 years and continued to build and develop the real estate tech company.”  


Completed the real estate tech company. Started SMART.

“I continued to build the real estate tech company and started selling coastal higher-end homes.  The partnership with the now public brokerage was dissolved and I decided to combine the real estate tech company with a brand new brokerage and leverage the Tech Company to do it.  SMART was born, which stands for Superior Marketing and REALTOR® Training.  Now we are looking to provide a stable and affordable brokerage centered around helping the agent thrive and providing a superior service and results for their clients.  No one can predict the future, but our plans are to embark on providing a unique and powerful revenue share model and become a great faith based alternative for agents to choose from.  Join me as we look to re-shape the real estate industry for the better!”

Andy Parker

One of San Diego’s Most Innovative Luxury Brokers

Andy Parker is a dynamic entrepreneur and one of San Diego’s most innovative luxury brokers. With a relentless drive that mirrors his tenacity on the football field during his NFL career, Andy has carved a remarkable path in the world of real estate.

Hailing from a background that demanded nothing but the best, Andy Parker’s journey to success has always been characterized by unwavering determination. His time as an NFL player equipped him with the resilience and work ethic needed to thrive in any competitive arena.

In addition to his athletic prowess, Andy is the founder of SRE Tools, a pioneering real estate technology company that has revolutionized the way properties are bought and sold. Through cutting-edge tools and a deep understanding of market dynamics, Andy has elevated the real estate experience for both buyers and sellers.

As one of San Diego’s most innovative luxury brokers, Andy Parker combines his unique blend of entrepreneurship, NFL-tested tenacity, and technological acumen to deliver unparalleled results in the world of luxury real estate. His dedication to excellence and commitment to pushing boundaries continue to set him apart in this competitive industry.

Note To Agents

Dear Agent,

My top priority is you!  This means to me that the vision, gifts and abilities that were given to me, were not provided to me to point to how great I am, but rather to bless you and point to the one who loves you so much.  

To Your Success!

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