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CARE Housing Services Corporation was founded in 1989 as a California non-profit public benefit corporation to promote development of affordable housing for low and very low-income residents. It functions as the parent entity for a group of nonprofit corporations working together in concert toward that purpose. Andy Parker is the Chairman and President.



CARE qualifies for federal tax exemption as a public charity under Sections 501(c)(3) and 509(a)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and is also exempt from state taxation.  It meets the requirements of a “qualified nonprofit organization” for purposes of the Federal Low Income Housing Tax Credit under Section 42(h)(5)(C) of the Internal Revenue Code, as well as a nonprofit organization that qualifies as a priority purchaser under Section 231 of the Low Income Housing Preservation and Resident Home Ownership Act of 1990.  CARE also qualifies as an eligible nonprofit purchaser of residential properties from the Resolution Trust Corporation in accordance with 12 U.S. Code, Section 1441A(c)(6)(A) as enacted by the Financial Institutions Reform, Recovery and Enforcement Act of 1989 (“FIRREA”).



Our Vision


The CARE Housing Services group of companies was created solely to provide the housing needs for individuals in all stages of life, in all different types of circumstances, and to help better their lives in many ways.  We accomplish our mission in several key ways:


  • Acquisition, rehabilitation and sale of affordable single-family homes
  • Development, or acquisition and rehabilitation of multifamily projects
  • Offering a variety of valuable resident services.

CARE’s primary goal is to help resolve the affordable housing crisis today, and tomorrow, by saving “at risk properties” from going to market rents, as well as meeting the immediate need for safe, decent and affordable housing. With an eye toward a more equitable future, we aim to provide residents with catalysts for social mobility.



Our Mission


CARE’s mission is to provide decent, affordable housing with accessory social services for the populations it serves.  CARE accomplishes this mission through two specific interrelated approaches:


1) Assuring, through direct involvement of individual residents, a responsible attitude toward the maintenance of safe, sanitary and decent facilities, in order to promote a wholesome environment for all residents.


2) Directly, or in conjunction with others, developing and implementing social programs in the fields of education, employment, childcare, health care and other counseling that provides its residents opportunities for individual advancement and general improvement in their lives.



The CARE Philosophy


The underlying philosophy of the CARE mission is that resident service programs develop and strengthen a sense of community within low and moderate income housing units that enhance residents’ ability to make positive lifestyle changes. CARE aims to help residents gain control over their lives, and discover the motivation to achieve their goals.


CARE translates this philosophy into practice by acting directly, or in cooperation with other non-profit organizations and entities involved in the ownership and operation of eligible housing projects.  The result is affordable housing managed and operated with resident needs in mind, on the premise that residents are entitled to housing according to their reasonable means, not their ability to pay.  CARE makes such housing a reality by properly implementing the public financial resources available to owners of affordable housing projects.


How We Work


Once CARE becomes involved with a housing project, first, it utilizes resources in real estate management and resident services to identify the special characteristics of the resident population, such as elderly, family, single parent families, handicapped, ethnic, etc. Second, working in cooperation with other available public and private organizations, CARE adopts, staffs and operates resident service programs appropriate for each project.


Under the leadership of Resident Services Director, Jennifer Lowell, CARE works closely with local community agencies and nonprofit organizations to offers programs that include educational training, after school activities, childcare, cultural integration, transportation assistance, special education, and health and family counseling. CARE also promotes resident awareness of local community services and employment programs.


Funding for these services is provided internally by CARE through revenues generated from interest in the housing projects, and in the case of projects developed with for-profit developers, through direct funding by those entities. Program operations are reported to the Board of Directors on a monthly basis and are available for review.