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Faith, Fun, Fulfillment, Stability, Support and Connection are all essential needs people have.

At SMART, our commitment to the above takes center stage in all facets of our operations. Invite us to demonstrate that we encompass all the necessary elements to help you attain your production goals and thrive.
Every element outlined below serves a dual purpose: 1. Establishing financial stability / independence for you and your family; 2. Delivering exceptional service and results for your clients. That's our unwavering commitment – to provide you with these two vital components!

Andy Parker, NFL Retired
Founder & CEO

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Connection is one
of the keys to success. Let's learn and achieve together!

Professional Systems, Programs, Training & Tools to support you

Transaction Management (TM)
Company Referrals Built In
Custom Celebrity Branded Website
Brand Creation & Social Branding Suite​
CMA Builder
SMART Virtual Office​
Email Signature Builder with Live LInks
MLM Revenue Share​
SMART University​ & Production Coaching
Expanded CRM + AI ​Chat
Marketing Automations
A.I. Engagement
Warm Appointments
Full Team of ISA's
Marketing Concierge​
SMART Offer Platform Software
No Fee Listing (Creative Finance)
Listing Presentation Template
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Learn What SMART is all about


Lifestyle As A Service (LAAS)

Join us in real estate where we see beyond transactions to a fulfilling lifestyle you deserve. We view you as partners, not just clients, committed to guiding you towards your dream life. Our approach is fueled by passion, dedication, and the principle that "Love never fails" (1 Corinthians 13:8). With us, experience a journey grounded in love, ensuring unwavering care and support as we help you live your imagined life.

The Way We Support Our Agent

True support is when you feel like someone has your back. Providing levels of efficiency, affordability and convenience that helps you in a way that you want and need. In most cases, that's with establishing and growing the agents business. Talk is cheap, so we back it up with our Virtual Office, our Marketing Concierge and Transaction Management Programs. Seeing is believing and all this comes built in!

Our "MLM Revenue Share" Program

The perfect compliment to our Comp Plan is our MLM Revenue Share Program and all the Bonuses and Level Rewards it provides, which will make working here at SMART fun and fulfilling. Sharing our revenue with you helps us to fulfill our mission and vision and we are excited for this to be launched. Coming soon, this plan will have 7 levels and an easy way to unlock each level for you to earn even more.

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The Way We Sell Homes

We are not a one trick pony, but rather a creative group of agents that will come up with a solution that best meets the Homeowner's needs. This could range from a traditional listing using our proprietary software and performance listing to our non-traditional listing *"NO FEE Listing" (coming soon), where the homeowner has the opportunity to net 100% of their homes equity and so many more scenarios. Assuming the homeowners home qualifies for this program, then it's a true win-win! *There are no fees to the seller.

Our Compensation Plan

Our compensation plan is something to get excited about, so if you are looking to net more than most brokerages, then you will love our comp plan. First, the unique CAP Advance Program can you save 42% off our regular CAP, which is already lower than most companies. Also there are no set up or monthly fees with the CAP Advance program, saving you even more! See more below...

Our Training Programs

You will learn what you need to learn for sure, but also getting you plugged into business best practices, building your negotiation, and staying out of legal jeopardy. Our main categories are:

1. Ongoing Forms Training
2. Agent Production Academy
3. Systems & Tools

We will be delivering this training through live webinars / office events, our training library (coming soon) and our Smart Small Group Program.

SMART agents access a Virtual Office through SRE Tools – an all-inclusive tech platform featuring A.I., tools, systems, and training. This remains portable for your convenience. You retain complete ownership of your virtual office, valued at well over $500 per month. This platform supports you in having competitive advantage and is invaluable in today's demanding real estate landscape. This virtual office platform is the center Hub of your business. You will do everything from this one central point.
As an entrepreneur we are also looking for ways to diversify our revenue streams. At SMART we are happy to provide several:


The non-traditional way we sell homes starts with our "*No Fee Listing" program (coming soon). These off-market or pocket listings may be a great way to generate new revenue to supplement your traditional sales and are promoted through our very own SMART MLS service site with a 2.5% commission co-op for the buyers agents, not paid by the seller, because *there are no fees to the seller.

Company Referrals

We also will be providing company referrals to our agents. This will be through our "No Fee Listing" program and the Dream Home Rewards charitable giving site that supports local and national non-profits.


Revenue Share

Mentorship Program

Property Management

CAP Adavnce

SMART Lending

Our CAP Advance Program is simple and unique. This is a true Win Win. We believe in stability for our company as well as for the agent. By paying your CAP in advance you will save 42% off of our regular CAP amount of only $12,400. If you are a higher producing agent, then our CAP Advance program is for you. Put us to the test and see if you will net more per year.

So What's In It For You?

When you join SMART, we will cover much of your marketing & branding start up expenses and give you some cool SMART gifts too that include the following:


– SMART Coffee Mug

– SMART Name Badge

– SMART Pen & Note Pad

– SMART Chapstick

Note: Our MLM Revenue Share Model and exclusive Company Leads program is coming soon and will allow you to leverage your efforts to earn additional revenue and much more.

Option A

80/20 | $12,400 CAP

(100% once CAP is reached)

Brokerage Fees:

$500 Set Up + $98 / Mo.
Includes the following items:
  • *Transaction Management (TM)
  • *E & O Insurance
  • DFY File Compliance
  • *MLM Revenue Share
  • FREE Custom Celebrity Branded Website
  • FREE Social Branding Suite
  • FREE SMART University
  • FREE Expanded CRM + AI Chat
  • FREE Business Cards
  • FREE For Sale Sign
  • FREE Open House Signs
  • FREE Virtual Office
  • FREE Marketing Concierge

Option B

100/0 | $7,140 CAP

(*CAP Advance)

Brokerage Fees:

No Set Up + No Monthly
Includes the following items:
  • *Transaction Management (TM)
  • *E & O Insurance
  • DFY File Compliance
  • *MLM Revenue Share
  • FREE Custom Celebrity Branded Website
  • FREE Social Branding Suite
  • FREE SMART University
  • FREE Expanded CRM + LISA AI (Powered by HouseJet)
  • FREE SMART ISA Team (Powered by HouseJet)
  • FREE Business Cards
  • FREE For Sale Sign
  • FREE Open House Signs
  • FREE Virtual Office
  • FREE Marketing Concierge

Ask The Founder & CEO


I founded our brokerage with a unique vision in mind: not just to add to the number of real estate firms but to fundamentally enhance how they operate and nurture their clients. At the heart of our mission is your success. We’re dedicated to equipping you with cutting-edge tools, comprehensive training, and a team that supports you every step of the way. Our aim? To ensure every agent has what they need to excel and outpace the competition.

Our approach goes beyond typical industry standards. We focus on creating a psychological advantage that empowers you to provide unmatched service and stand out in a crowded market. With us, you’ll be equipped to answer confidently why clients should choose you over others. Our commitment extends beyond mere hard work and ethics; we focus on fostering deep connections of trust, likability, and authority with your clients.

Our branding, follow-up processes, and your interpersonal skills are all geared towards enhancing these essential qualities. More than that, our systems are designed not only to serve clients optimally but to prioritize and take care of you, the agent.   This all leading up to your satisfaction and need to create financial stability and being put on a path to financial independence!  

At SMART Real Estate, we’ve pioneered a revolutionary MLM revenue-sharing system, one that’s inspired by the principles of network marketing but tailored specifically for the real estate industry. Our decision to adopt this model was driven by a commitment to transparency and a desire to empower our agents financially.

The MLM revenue-sharing system we’ve implemented is designed to not only provide financial stability but also pave the way for financial independence for our agents. This model functions as a significant leverage tool within our compensation plan. As an agent with SMART Real Estate, when you sell properties and simultaneously build your team by building your SMALL GROUP, you benefit directly from the success of your group. This creates a symbiotic relationship where your success fuels their success, and vice versa.

This system transforms the traditional solo real estate practice into a collaborative, team-oriented enterprise. As you help your team grow, they contribute to your earnings, resulting in a mutually beneficial arrangement. It’s a strategic play that leverages collective effort for greater financial reward — a true win-win scenario that aligns perfectly with our culture of agent empowerment. This innovative approach is why many find our model not just appealing but essential for a thriving real estate career.

At SMART Real Estate, we are committed to providing our agents with comprehensive support and training to help them excel in their careers. Our educational offerings include SMART University, specialized Small Groups, engaging seminars, and an extensive Training Library, covering a wide range of essential topics:

  1. Production: Enhancing your ability to generate sales and increase productivity.
  2. Forms: Mastering the necessary paperwork and documentation.
  3. Tools: Utilizing cutting-edge technology and resources to streamline your workflow.
  4. Business Best Practices: Implementing proven strategies for success in real estate.
  5. Marketing & Your Brand: Building a personal brand and effectively marketing your services.
  6. Transactions: Managing and executing real estate transactions with precision.

Our training resources are centralized in a Virtual Office, a one-stop-shop where agents can access all the tools and support they need to manage their business efficiently. This includes everything from websites and CRM systems to listing presentations and more.

Additionally, our mentorship and coaching programs are designed to provide personalized guidance, helping you to differentiate yourself in the market and compete more effectively. With these unique systems and robust support structures in place, we confidently assure our agents, “You Are In Good Hands!”

At SMART Real Estate, we equip our agents with advanced tools and resources that are essential for success in the highly competitive real estate market. One of our standout offerings is our proprietary offer platform. This innovative system automatically ranks incoming offers, allowing buyers to compete transparently and effectively. This process not only accelerates the negotiation phase but ensures that both buyers and sellers can agree on the best possible price in the shortest amount of time.

Additionally, we leverage cutting-edge technology like our AI-driven caller and avatar, which streamline communication and engagement with clients. Our agents also have access to a comprehensive suite of branding and marketing tools. These resources include collateral design and printing services, enabling our agents to create professional, high-quality marketing materials that stand out.

With these tools at your disposal, you can enhance your visibility in the market, engage more effectively with clients, and close deals more efficiently, giving you a significant edge over the competition.

Our commitment to making a lasting positive impact on the real estate industry revolves around three key pillars: supporting our agents, innovating the transaction process, and ensuring exceptional client care. At SMART Real Estate, we believe the value a skilled agent brings to their clients is immeasurable. It’s crucial that our agents understand and communicate this value effectively.

To achieve this, we focus on educating our agents about their intrinsic worth and the unique benefits they offer to clients. By empowering our agents with this knowledge, we enhance their confidence and professionalism, which in turn fosters client loyalty and leads to lifelong referrals. Moving forward, we will continue to develop new strategies and tools that not only enhance the real estate transaction process but also underscore the importance of the agent-client relationship. Our goal is to ensure that every interaction within the industry is handled with integrity, innovation, and a focus on mutual benefit.

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The perfect compliment to our Comp Plan is our Revenue Share Program and all the Bonuses and Level Rewards it provides, which will make working here at SMART fun and fulfilling. Sharing our revenue with you helps us to fulfill our mission and vision and we are excited for this to be launched. Coming soon, this plan will have 7 levels and an easy way to unlock each level for you to earn even more.

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