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At SMART, our commitment to supporting our agents takes center stage in all facets of our operations. Invite us to demonstrate that we encompass all the necessary elements to help you attain your production goals and thrive.
Every element outlined below serves a dual purpose: 1. Establishing financial stability / independence for you and your family; 2. Delivering exceptional service and results for your clients. That's our unwavering commitment – to provide you with these two vital components!

Andy Parker, NFL Retired
Founder & CEO

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24 Compelling Reasons To Join SMART

SMART is an acronym that stands for Superior Marketing And REALTOR® Training. As mentioned earlier, one of our missions is to support our agent with the goal of financial independence and amazing results for their clients. This is easy to say, but not easy to provide. The buttons below will give you a good idea as to how we are backing up what we say...

Our Differentiators START WIth

Lifestyle As A Service (LAAS)
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Discover a whole new dimension to real estate. Beyond transactions, we view real estate as the foundation for a fulfilling lifestyle! Our approach transcends the conventional role – we see ourselves as consultants and guides, dedicated to helping clients shape the life they’ve always envisioned.

At our core, we believe that exceptional agents are defined by their dedication to service and their innate passion to serve. This philosophy infuses everything we do and it is rooted in love.  The reason why is because …”Love never fails.”  1 Corinthians 13:8 – Our unwavering commitment to this principle ensures that your journey with us will be guided by genuine care and unyielding support. Join us to be a part of a brokerage where success thrives on the foundation of love.


The Way We Sell Homes












and CONTINUES With…how we support and train our Agents…

Our Support

Virtual Office

Marketing Concierge



Also NO ONE Is Doing This…

Our Unique Compensation Plan

CAP Advance

Introducing the first brokerage to offer "CAP Advance"! This program enables SMART Agents to Net More Per Year, through a fair and affordable process that allows us to provide to you exceptionally low CAP Rates, so you can net the most out of each transaction. Agents have the option of paying their annual CAP at their sign up (anniversary date) or upon their first transacton of the year or at the end of 90 days. Which ever comes first.

SMART agents access a Virtual Office through SRE Tools – an all-inclusive tech platform featuring A.I., tools, systems, and training. This remains portable for your convenience. You retain complete ownership of your virtual office, valued at well over $500 per month. This platform supports you in having competitive advantage and is invaluable in today's demanding real estate landscape. This virtual office platform is the center Hub of your business. You will do everything from this one central point.
Connection is one of the secrets to business success! We will teach you how to run "The Play". 555 is the play...recruit 5 or agents to be in your small group and help them find 5 agents and your all do 5 deals minimum. Running this properly will almost guarantee your success as a business owner and achieve the ultimate goal of financial stability and independence!
At SMART we are creating a myriad of creative programs designed to generated deals for those agents that opt into our 50/50 program. Our "No Fee Listing" is an example and those homeowners that participate will receive 100% of their equity and paid for closing costs. There is a 2.5% commission built into these deals, which you will split with SMART 50/50.
Introducing SMART Charitable and the site. This site helps non-profits raise funds as their supporters buy or sell properties. Non-profits that refer to SMART agents receive 20% of the commission, which is already taken out of the 50/50 split SMART receives.
Yes, SMART does Commercial Real Estate! If you want to become a Commercial Agent, we have the training, mentors and tools to help you. Do we believe in doing both, no. You can make money at both, but you need to choose which either commercial or residential. Can we help you make the transition...yes! Can I be a brand new agent? Yes!
Our CAP Advance fee structure is simple. Wouldn't you want to work less and get paid more? This is a true Win Win. We believe in stability for our company as well as for the agent. By paying your CAP in advance you will save 42%. If you are a higher producing agent, then our CAP Advance program is for you. Put us to the test and see if you will net more per year. Remember to utilize our Revenue Share program to maximize your earnings!
The annual CAP Advance fee provides a 42% savings off of our current CAP of $12,400. This is a $7,150 annual fee. You can pay $500 to start and the balance upon the close of your first transaction or in 90 days.

What's In It For You?

When you join SMART, we will cover much of your marketing & branding start up expenses and give you some cool SMART gifts too that include the following:


– SMART Coffee Mug

– SMART Name Badge

– SMART Pen & Note Pad

– SMART Chapstick

In addition we  will cover and provide:

  • E & O Insurance (Early adopters for now)
  • Agent Virtual Office that includes:

  – SMART’s Unique Sales Method

  – Comprehensive Support & Coaching

  – Ongoing Training

  – Cutting Edge A.I. and Tech Tools

  – All Our Unique Programs and Differentiations 

  • Marketing Concierge Support Staff
  • Extra Income Opportunities:

  – Revenue Share 

 *Note:  Your virtual office is yours to take with you no matter where you hang your license! 

Yes, I am Ready...

Our you ready to maximize your earnings and take control of your real estate career? Assuming you make it through our interview process and we allow you to Join SMART, today you will experience a new way of doing business. With our CAP Advance Fee and 100% commission, you'll keep more of your hard-earned money while receiving unparalleled support, training, and resources to help you excel in the real estate industry. Don't miss out on this opportunity to elevate your success. Click below to schedule a confidential interview and see if you are a fit for being a SMART Agent!
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Our Compensation Plan
Remember, it's not what you save, but what you net that matters!
Choose which One Is Best For You...

Option A

80/20 | $12,400 CAP

(100% once CAP is reached)

Brokerage Fees:

$500 Set Up + $98 Monthly
Includes the following items:
  • *Transaction Management (TM)
  • E & O Insurance (Early adopters for now)
  • DFY File Compliance
  • Revenue Share
  • FREE Business Cards
  • FREE For Sale Sign
  • FREE Open House Signs
  • FREE Virtual Office
  • FREE IDX Website + CRM
  • FREE Marketing Concierge

Option B

100/0 | $7,140 CAP

(*CAP Advance Program)

Brokerage Fees:

No Set Up + No Monthly
Includes the following items:
  • *Transaction Management (TM)
  • E & O Insurance (Early adopters for now)
  • DFY File Compliance
  • Revenue Share
  • FREE Business Cards
  • FREE For Sale Sign
  • FREE Open House Signs
  • FREE Virtual Office
  • FREE IDX Website + CRM
  • FREE Marketing Concierge

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